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Certificate of residence

A certificate of residence is a document that testifies to the truth of who you are and where you live. You will need a certificate of residence e.g. when:
  • You apply for an education
  • You request a refund on your VAT
  • Your cargo is delivered to you, when you move to Denmark

You can also use a certificate of residence e.g.
  • as a passport when you travel in Greenland or other Nordic countries
  • as an assurance to get a refund on expenses on medicine or dentists in Denmark

Everyone, who resides in Greenland, can get a certificate of residence.

How to apply
In order to apply for a certificate of residence, you must contact your local public service center or municipality office. The only thing you need is a social security number (CPR nr.).

Some municipalities require a fee – no more than 100 DKK – to issue a certificate of residence. The certificate of residence will be issued to you immediately.

Be aware that the certificate of residence is only valid for 1 year at a time.

A certificate of residence is only valid in Greenland and the Nordic countries. Be aware that for other countries in EU and the rest of the world, other conditions apply.

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