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Passport - Greenlandic and Danish

A passport is a document which certifies, for the purpose of international travel, the identity and nationality of its holder. When you travel directly between Greenland and Denmark and no further, you do not need a passport. You can also use your passport as identification when you contact the local authorities.

In Greenland you can apply for a Greenlandic or a Danish passport. The differences between the two types are:
  • On the front cover of the Greenlandic passport, it says ”Danmark – Kalaallit Nunaat”
  • On the front cover of the Danish passport, it says ”Danmark – Den Europæiske Union”
  • Page 1 in the Greenlandic passport is written in Greenlandic, Danish and English and the remaining text is written in fewer languages than in the Danish passport
  • Page 1 in the Danish passport is written in Danish, French and English and the remaining text is written in more languages than in the Greenlandic passport

Otherwise there is no difference between the two types and they are legitimate for the exact same purposes.

Since January 1st 2012 it is required that all persons at the age of 12 and above have their fingerprints scanned when they apply for a passport. Your fingerprint will be scanned at the police station. Passports without fingerprints that have been issued prior to January 1st 2012 are still eligible as long as they are valid.

In order to get a Greenlandic or Danish passport you need to have Danish citizenship.

If you reside permanently in Greenland, you can choose freely between the Greenlandic and the Danish passport.

As a rule of thumb, you are only allowed to possess 1 passport. As a consequence you cannot get an extra passport – not even if you e.g. have lent your passport to a foreign authority in order to obtain a visa.
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