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'Sullissivik' is Greenlandic for 'the place for citizen service' and is an online portal dedicated to provide digital citizen service.

All public services that are suitable for electronic interaction or that can tap on electronic channels to improve services do so via That means you only need to go one place for all your dealings with the government as well as the municipalities in Greenland. is developed with the citizens of Greenland in mind. Therefore primarily supports Greenlandic and Danish, the 2 predominant spoken languages in Greenland. However in the colum to the right we have gathered some useful information for those that do not speak Greenlandic or Danish.

We recommend that you contact your municipality if you are a citizen of Greenland and do not speak neither Greenlandic nor Danish.

If you have come to Greenland as a tourist or are planning to do so, we recommend you visit - Greenland's official tourism site.

If you are interested in the Greenlandic parliament visit

And if you are interested in the Government of Greenland visit

Greenland is divided into 5 municipalities. If you are interested in a specific municipality, we suggest you visit:

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