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'Sullissivik' is Greenlandic for 'the place for citizen service' and is a web page dedicated to provide digital service for citizens in Greenland. is a public web page for citizens and businesses in Greenland.
The municipalities, the Self-Government and publicly owned companies can have content and digital self-service solutions on The content is written for citizens and businesses in Greenland. is developed with the citizens of Greenland in mind. Therefore primarily supports Greenlandic and Danish, the 2 predominant spoken languages in Greenland.

As not all of our content is available in English, we will suggest that you use a browser who can translate webpages, if you wish to gather more information about your rights.

If you have any questions about the content or need more information, we recommend that you contact your municipality if you are a citizen of Greenland and do not speak neither Greenlandic nor Danish. English is widely spoken in Greenland as it is mandatory in school.

If you have come to Greenland as a tourist or are planning to do so, we recommend you visit - Greenland's official tourism site.

If you are interested in the Greenlandic parliament visit

And if you are interested in the Government of Greenland visit

Greenland is divided into 5 municipalities. If you are interested in a specific municipality, we suggest you visit:

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